About cavaliersbycrumley

My name is Louise, and I came from Cavaliers by Crumley in Lula, GA. Holly Crumley started breeding Cavalier King Charles Spaniel years ago. She is dedicated to keeping the breed alive and well by only breeding the best King Charles Cavaliers she can find. All of her dames and sires are OFA heart and knee certified as well as CERF eye certified. She loves this breed and wants it to be around for a long time, so she only breeds the best of the best with the best of the best. I live in a happy home close to Lula and visit Holly and her Bed & Biscuit Inn often. Please continue to visit our blog to find out more about Holly and the gang at Cavaliers by Crumley in Lula, GA. Also, if you have a Cavalier from Cavaliers by Crumley, please email any photos or stories to us at the contact below. We would love to post fun stories and photos from you, our readers.

New puppy? New shoes? Need help?

We tell all new dogs owners that mouthy, chewy puppies are unavoidable; however, we do not believe in your puppy tearing your house to shreds. We encourage anyone with a puppy to keep lots of appealing toys and chews around. If your dog is chewing up your furniture, it is simply an indication that you are not doing your part by keeping them occupied with more appropriate chew toys.

We recommend that Cavaliers owners to steer clear of rawhide bones. We have seen rawhides go wrong too many times. They are difficult to break down in the digestive track, and they pose a pretty serious choking hazard. Never fear though, there are a lot of great bone-like chews out there that are digestible in puppy’s tummy and are less likely to be a choking hazard. Simply look for this word: BULLY. We like beef bully rings and buffalo bully sticks best. Red Barn Naturals is our favorite brand. We highly recommend any of their bully products.

Happy Chewing!

Four Trained Puppies Available!


Vince, named for Vince Wilfork of the New England Patriots

This is Vince, one of four trained puppies available starting this weekend. Vince is our gentle giant. He is not our typical Crumley Cavalier. He will be between 18 and 20 pounds full-grown. He is a little larger than average and this little fellah is sweeter than average. He is also quite smart, and we can report that at three months old, Vince can sit, is crate trained, can walk on a leash, and rings a bell to use the potty outside. Vince and his siblings (another trained black and tan male and two trained black and tan females)  are all CERF certified and have seen a cardiologist who said that all four pups’ hearts sound great! If you are interested in out of these precious puppies, please call us:  678.316.4519 or email us: hollycrumley@cavaliersbycrumley.com .

Our dearest puppy… Patton

Baby Patton

Patton is a beautiful three month old black and tan. He is the last puppy left of Maddie Bea and Diego’s litter, and he is still with us for a reason. He is the sweetest puppy we have ever had; it breaks our hearts to let him go. We are finished being selfish with our sweet baby Patton; he needs a cute Forever Home. It will take a special family for us to part with this one.

Patton loves to be held and is all about a good lap. He will probably weigh between 10 and 12 pounds as a full-grown dog. He is great around children and elderly individuals. He is simply the sweetest puppy we have ever had on this property.

Because of his small size, we had his heart checked this week by a board certified cardiologist for good measure. He is perfectly healthy – has a heart like a racehorse. This baby is simply small.

If you are interested in this sweet baby, please email us at hollycrumley@cavaliersbycrumley.com .

So many changes…

We have been hiring new employees left and right to accommodate the ever-growing Bed and Biscuit Inn. If you have ever met Holly Crumley, you can attest to the fact that this little lady is a mover and a shaker. She can do more things at one time than most anyone I know. However, she cannot do it all.

Beverly and Louise

Enter Beverly. I am a young professional in the Atlanta area. I actually got tangled into this correspondence job by purchasing my puppy from Holly about a year ago. Louise, my black and tan, is the love of my life. I have been a Cavalier enthusiast for quite some time, and I was looking for a responsible breeder – OFFA certifications, CERF certifications, clean facilities, audits by the AKC. Holly has all of these things. She is a responsible breeder with beautiful puppies in ALL FOUR COLORS. As Holly’s Bed & Biscuit Inn has taken off into heights unknown, Holly found herself in need of some help in correspondence. I am her helper.  I am here to answer any questions from specific puppy questions to general questions. I work from home partially because I absolutely hate leaving my sweet Louisie for a long time. She goes EVERYWHERE with me in a little L.L.Bean Bag with her name on it, including Cavaliers by Crumley in Lula, Georgia. We visit frequently and have play dates with the puppies so that we can better communicate personalities and markings to our future owners.

Louise has been such a pleasure as a puppy that I felt called to help Holly out. She is truly one of a kind, and she does not breed puppies – she breeds future family members. We are excited to offer all kinds of new services through Holly’s Bed and Biscuit Inn, and we look forward to informing you of all of those opportunities through the blog! Keep on reading and we will keep on posting!

Black and Tan Mania

We have four beautiful black and tan puppies available from Maddie Bea and Diego – two of our favorite black and tan dogs.

We always know our true Cavalier enthusiasts when we get a request for a black and tan. Many Cavalier fans do not even know that Cavaliers come in other colors than Blenheim, but they do! Black and tans tend to be our smallest and smartest dogs. These puppies in particular take on their mother’s personality – sweet, sweet, sweet. These puppies are anxious for immediate loving.

These four are on the older side at 13 weeks, but they have all of their puppy shots. We have not advertised having them onsite as we have a harder time parting with Maddie Bea puppies – they are so precious and teeny tiny. These guys are three pounders right now. They won’t be here for much longer as her puppies find homes quickly, so if you are interested, please contact us immediately at hollycrumley@cavaliersbycrumley.com.

Lila’s puppies are available…

One of our sweet tiny mama’s who loves being a mama.

We have two female tricolors, two male tricolors and one blenheim males from Lila.

They will be available for homes untrained the first weekend in October and trained puppies will be available the first weekend in November.

We will post photos of these puppies as soon as we have some.

If you are interested in these puppies please call: 678.316.4519 or email: hollycrumley@cavaliersbycrumley.com.

Maddie B

Maddie B belongs to a retired couple here in the Southeast. She is a special dog with a humble heart. She has the quintessential big dog personality often attributed to the tiny Cavalier – gracious and forever grateful for any and all attention. She loves any and everyone and has never met a stranger. Maddie B thrives as a mother dog and loves her time in Lula when she comes to visit. In fact, she has just concluded a three month stint in Lula delivering beautiful puppies. We currently have two black and tan puppies available from that litter – a boy and a girl. They are twelve weeks old and ready for forever homes. We are having trouble parting with these two, but the time has come to let them go. Maddie B’s male black and tan is a teeny, tiny puppy. He lives to be held and snuggled. He has gotten lots and lots of attention here in Lula and is used to being spoiled with love. Maddie B’s female black and tan is a teeny, tiny most feminine puppy. She already seems polite. She has a face that is distinctly girly and has long eye lashes that she bats at you when she wants to be held. Both of these puppies would be great in a home with other pets or children as they both have a noticeably submissive personality. We will post photos soon. If you are interested in one of these puppies, please email us at cavaliersbycrumley@gmail.com or call Holly at 678.316.4519.


Maddie B's little boy. This one is special to us here in Lula and will require a special someone to take him. He is the sweetest dog, well behaved, and small. He will weigh between 10 and 12 pounds tops. He starts STAR training this week (as he is finally big enough to wear a collar). He is very smart and sweet and will fly through STAR training.

Did you know…

that Cavalier King Charles Spaniels come in four different colors, and we breed all four colors here in Lula, GA? Cavaliers are a unique breed with an intricate DNA make-up that determines what colors they will be.

We are best known for our BLACK AND TAN Cavaliers. These dogs are characterized by their jet black bodies with tan markings on the inside of the legs, on the feet, on the chest, surrounding the muzzle, under the ears and over the eyes. Significant white markings are considered a flaw, and we can honestly say that our black and tans have few, if any, flaws. Holly has been breeding black and tans throughout her career and has a special heart for these forgotten Cavies. I, Louise, am one of Holly’s signature black and tan puppies (that’s me up there). Black and tan Cavaliers, statistically, have fewer genetic health issues than other Cavaliers, but here at Cavaliers by Crumley, Holly only breeds those dogs that have no signs of genetic health defects. Check out our website to learn more about our extensive health certifications.

Blenheim Cavaliers are characterized by their white bodies with red markings. They are the most popular Cavalier color combination, and they are the first to go from Cavaliers by Crumley. If you want a Blenheim Cavie from us, call as soon as you can to reserve your future puppy. Everyone loves a Blenheim.

Tri-color Cavaliers are most difficult to breed since it is the most recessive trait and are very sophisticated looking. They have white bodies with black markings down the back, legs and over the head as well as tan markings around the eyes and muzzle. They are usually the smallest of the four colors but are prone to more health issues than the others. Here at Cavaliers by Crumley we do extensive testing to make sure that our dogs will not have genetic health problems. We only breed the best of the best, and we love it when a moma dog surprises us with some beautiful tri-color puppies.

Ruby Cavaliers are are solid red and most lovable. These puppies have an autumn look to them that we have perfected here at Cavaliers by Crumley. Our rubies generally have flatter heads and deep-chestnut-colored eyes. They are usually more athletic and as all Cavaliers are, very lovable. We have trouble keeping rubies around as people fall in love with them on first glance. If you are interested in a ruby-colored Cavalier, let us know immediately so that we can set our eyes on one for you.

We hope this was informative, and we would love to help you add one of any of the four different Cavaliers to your family. We breed all four colors here and try our best to always have one of each color available. For more information, please contact us at Cavaliersbycrumley@gmail.com.