Did you know…

that Cavalier King Charles Spaniels come in four different colors, and we breed all four colors here in Lula, GA? Cavaliers are a unique breed with an intricate DNA make-up that determines what colors they will be.

We are best known for our BLACK AND TAN Cavaliers. These dogs are characterized by their jet black bodies with tan markings on the inside of the legs, on the feet, on the chest, surrounding the muzzle, under the ears and over the eyes. Significant white markings are considered a flaw, and we can honestly say that our black and tans have few, if any, flaws. Holly has been breeding black and tans throughout her career and has a special heart for these forgotten Cavies. I, Louise, am one of Holly’s signature black and tan puppies (that’s me up there). Black and tan Cavaliers, statistically, have fewer genetic health issues than other Cavaliers, but here at Cavaliers by Crumley, Holly only breeds those dogs that have no signs of genetic health defects. Check out our website to learn more about our extensive health certifications.

Blenheim Cavaliers are characterized by their white bodies with red markings. They are the most popular Cavalier color combination, and they are the first to go from Cavaliers by Crumley. If you want a Blenheim Cavie from us, call as soon as you can to reserve your future puppy. Everyone loves a Blenheim.

Tri-color Cavaliers are most difficult to breed since it is the most recessive trait and are very sophisticated looking. They have white bodies with black markings down the back, legs and over the head as well as tan markings around the eyes and muzzle. They are usually the smallest of the four colors but are prone to more health issues than the others. Here at Cavaliers by Crumley we do extensive testing to make sure that our dogs will not have genetic health problems. We only breed the best of the best, and we love it when a moma dog surprises us with some beautiful tri-color puppies.

Ruby Cavaliers are are solid red and most lovable. These puppies have an autumn look to them that we have perfected here at Cavaliers by Crumley. Our rubies generally have flatter heads and deep-chestnut-colored eyes. They are usually more athletic and as all Cavaliers are, very lovable. We have trouble keeping rubies around as people fall in love with them on first glance. If you are interested in a ruby-colored Cavalier, let us know immediately so that we can set our eyes on one for you.

We hope this was informative, and we would love to help you add one of any of the four different Cavaliers to your family. We breed all four colors here and try our best to always have one of each color available. For more information, please contact us at Cavaliersbycrumley@gmail.com.


Meet Max

I spent some extra quality time in Lula today to get to know Max, a twelve-week-old tri-color Cavalier. He was hanging out with his brother, Braydon, who leaves for his Forever Home this weekend. Max is a gentle giant, larger than most of the Cavaliers here at Cavaliers by Crumley. He will probably be a 16 to 18 pounder. His larger size does not mirror his quiet personality, though. Max has beautiful white markings over his black coat and perfect brown markings on his face with a beautiful white blaze. He has the sweetest speckled nose that almost makes him look like a teeny tiny English Springer Spaniel.

He is a sweet fellow and plays nicely with others. Braydon, his brother, tries to draw Max into trouble, but Max will have nothing to do with it.┬áMax is among the first of the puppies to run to the edge of the playpen when he hears an adult coming. He is attentive and loves people. He is not much of a chewer but lives to lick. He will give you kisses all over your arms and face if given the chance.┬áMax is a people pleaser. It only takes a gentle “no” to have him stop over-licking. He is eager to please and a very good listener. If you are interested in this sweet fellow, please contact cavaliersbycrumley@gmail.com or call Holly Crumley at 678.316.4519.


five beautiful puppies born to International Champions Hurricane’s Bountiful Burke and Crumley’s Mia Spinner.

Mia delivered five puppies in July, and they will be ready for Forever Homes on September 10, 2011. These summer babies are just starting to come out of their shells, and we wanted to give you some information about their parents so that you can see if one of these babies is right for your lifestyle and family.


Hurricane’s Bountiful Burke (Blake) is a beautiful, medium-sized blenheim (red and white) Cavalier. He is the quintessential male Cavalier King Charles Spaniel – a lap dog. Blake is not the most athletic fellow. He would rather curl up on a nice lap or pillow. He has a warm, calm personality and is more likely to wait for you to come to him than run up and jump on you. He almost has a snobby air about him; he knows how beautiful he is. Blake makes the perfect family dog as he is confident and therefore, at ease around children and adults. He is exactly what the breed should be.


Crumley’s Mia Spinner (Mia) is a beautiful, medium sized tri-color Cavalier. She is quite the athlete and loves a good walk. She is a curious little lady and loves to chase butterflies, rabbits, and birds. She loves attention and will always welcome visitors at the front door. She is a great mother to her five beautiful puppies, some of which are still available. Mia delivered two blenheim boys and three tri-color girls in June. They will be available to take home on September 10, 2011.



For more information about these puppies, please visit http://cavaliersbycrumley.com or call Holly Crumley at 678.316.4519.

We want to keep you “posted”

Since the blogging world has become all the rage, we decided to jump on in. We want to keep our Cavalier family and friends up to date on all of the happenings here at Cavaliers by Crumley. We also wanted to post some stories from some of our dogs that have forever homes. If you have a fun anecdote about your Cavalier by Crumley, please email us at Geezlouiseblogger@gmail.com. Also, share this site with your friends that are interested in adding a Cavalier to their own family. This blog is a great way to get to know the breed and see what is going on here in Lula. We are excited that you have come to visit. Please visit daily for updates and photos.