So many changes…

We have been hiring new employees left and right to accommodate the ever-growing Bed and Biscuit Inn. If you have ever met Holly Crumley, you can attest to the fact that this little lady is a mover and a shaker. She can do more things at one time than most anyone I know. However, she cannot do it all.

Beverly and Louise

Enter Beverly. I am a young professional in the Atlanta area. I actually got tangled into this correspondence job by purchasing my puppy from Holly about a year ago. Louise, my black and tan, is the love of my life. I have been a Cavalier enthusiast for quite some time, and I was looking for a responsible breeder – OFFA certifications, CERF certifications, clean facilities, audits by the AKC. Holly has all of these things. She is a responsible breeder with beautiful puppies in ALL FOUR COLORS. As Holly’s Bed & Biscuit Inn has taken off into heights unknown, Holly found herself in need of some help in correspondence. I am her helper.  I am here to answer any questions from specific puppy questions to general questions. I work from home partially because I absolutely hate leaving my sweet Louisie for a long time. She goes EVERYWHERE with me in a little L.L.Bean Bag with her name on it, including Cavaliers by Crumley in Lula, Georgia. We visit frequently and have play dates with the puppies so that we can better communicate personalities and markings to our future owners.

Louise has been such a pleasure as a puppy that I felt called to help Holly out. She is truly one of a kind, and she does not breed puppies – she breeds future family members. We are excited to offer all kinds of new services through Holly’s Bed and Biscuit Inn, and we look forward to informing you of all of those opportunities through the blog! Keep on reading and we will keep on posting!


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