Our dearest puppy… Patton

Baby Patton

Patton is a beautiful three month old black and tan. He is the last puppy left of Maddie Bea and Diego’s litter, and he is still with us for a reason. He is the sweetest puppy we have ever had; it breaks our hearts to let him go. We are finished being selfish with our sweet baby Patton; he needs a cute Forever Home. It will take a special family for us to part with this one.

Patton loves to be held and is all about a good lap. He will probably weigh between 10 and 12 pounds as a full-grown dog. He is great around children and elderly individuals. He is simply the sweetest puppy we have ever had on this property.

Because of his small size, we had his heart checked this week by a board certified cardiologist for good measure. He is perfectly healthy – has a heart like a racehorse. This baby is simply small.

If you are interested in this sweet baby, please email us at hollycrumley@cavaliersbycrumley.com .


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